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Stay Compliant During Construction
Posted on Saturday February 23, 2019
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Slow and steady
Posted on Thursday April 26, 2018
Sweeping too fast makes everything go wrong
A spotlight on our company
Posted on Tuesday April 10, 2018
On this month’s issue of North American Sweeper Magazine our company has been highlighted as their featured spotlight. Have a quick read by heading over to the article.  
Over Performing Storm
Posted on Saturday December 09, 2017
“…Over performing storm…” is how Atlanta radio meteorologist, Kirk Mellish, described the storm that unexpectedly provided the Atlanta metro area with snowy and icy conditions. Once the roads are cleared for safe travel and your lots or roads are covered with slush, salt and/or pea gravel, let us do the heavy lifting. Give us a … Continue reading Over Performing Storm
Street Sweeping
Posted on Wednesday October 04, 2017
Easily the most effective way to boost curb appeal and improve on a city’s stormwater runoff cleanliness is street sweeping. Curbs, shoulders, medians, and intersections are amongst the many areas we service. Call us to today for your service proposal
Not just parking lot sweepers
Posted on Tuesday September 05, 2017
When looking from the outside in, you may assume that what we do is the status quo-parking lot sweeping. You couldn’t be more wrong. A quick visit to our service page shows you our list of different services provided. To new and existing customers we provide services from construction sweeping to retail lot sweeping at … Continue reading Not just parking lot sweepers
Asphalt Maintenance and Repairs
Posted on Sunday August 27, 2017
Parking lot cleaning is not the only area we specialize in.  Click the link below for our project galleries, services offered and content.  Sealcoating Powered by Atlanta Sealcoating, Inc. Crisp lines and Zero Over Spray
Permeable Paving
Posted on Monday May 16, 2016
It is estimated that the United States has approximately 61,000 square miles of paved roads and parking lots.  With such an astounding number of paved areas, it only makes sense that there is going to be a substantial impact made on the environment by these areas.  It also makes sense that with such a great … Continue reading Permeable Paving
St. Patrick's Day Parade!
Posted on Saturday March 12, 2016
No, that’s not one of our units fleeing from authorities! That’s one of our units bringing up the rear of the parade with Atlanta’s finest.         Taking part in the event and the clean up process is only one of the many environments we specialize in. Contact us for all your cleaning and … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Parade!
Old Man Winter
Posted on Wednesday February 10, 2016
The winter season brings along much more than frigid temperatures and fireside family gatherings. Once winter weather arrives, we have other problems throughout the city; ice-covered roads, bridges and parking lots. As a result, brine and ice/snow melts are put down to eliminate unsafe slippery surfaces. What happens when the ice melts and the sun … Continue reading Old Man Winter